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Pricing and Policies

School Year In Studio Prices

Payment Option 1:

Kindermusik Monthly Subscription Enrollment (Enroll/Withdraw Anytime)

*All Kindermusik classes require a $50 deposit for all which includes an instrument pack. These 6-7 instruments/props are yours to keep in your special Kindermusik backpack and will be brought to class each week. 

$70/4 week unit per student

$50/4 week unit for sibling

$40/4 week unit for 2nd sibling

There are 4 units/payments for weekday families each semester and 3 units/payments for Saturday families per semester. 

Semester commitment required for Level 5 Young Child Class with $75 materials fee and monthly payment of $68 available. 

Payment Option 2:

Premium Bundle Membership (Semester Commitment)
$16-$20 off semester cost!!!

Weekday class discount for ALL 16 weeks: $260        

Saturdays, ALL 12 weeks: $194           

Babies 4 months and under are FREE!

Use the drop down menu on the next page to switch between studios.

Musical Me in OKC

provides every child with AMAZING

Opportunities & Perks!


  • Weekly classes: the best 35-60 minutes of your week, with plenty of snuggles, wiggles and a whole lot of age-appropriate stimulation. Relevant themes fit meet your child’s unique developmental milestones.

  • State of the art Digital Materials every unit (4 weeks) with downloadable music/books/Bonus activities

  • Your child's very own Kindermusik bag with instruments to take home and bring to class! ($50 registration fee helps cover this!) As your child Levels up, there will be a small fee to they can receive their new instruments. 

  • "Watch Me Grow" annual awards for loyal students

  • UNLIMITED MAKE UPS while you are enrolled!

  • 10% off of all Musical Me in OKC Birthday Parties (not advertised- EMAIL for details).

  • Helpful resources, tips, and ideas to help make great parenting just a little bit easier

  • Guaranteed one-on-one time with your child

  • Join, transfer or take a break at any time  (Please withdraw before the first of the next month.)

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